ETV drive home? – spaceship-looking car on eBay


Ever wanted to drive a spaceship on the road? This is probably the closest you’ll get. Although it has a space-age look to it, this actually is a real car and can be driven. For a paltry $100,000 (just over £62,000), you will be able to go back to the future with this car.

Up for auction on eBay, the seller is Florida-based Mike Vetter, known by his username ‘ferrarimv’. He has stated that he built the ‘car’ from scratch, making the body from fibreglass and carbon, along with a one inch steel tubular custom-made chassis.

He labels the model as ‘ETV’, standing for ‘Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle’, and describes it as follows: “Unique one of a kind futuristic exotic with Lamborghini doors and Ferrari style.”

Featuring a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder ‘Chevy’ motor with a supercharger, Vetter says that the futuristic-looking vehicle is “pretty fast with 270bhp”, as well as adding that it averages 26mpg.

Vetter also stresses that it “is not a kit car” and is definitely a manufacturer and street-legal vehicle.


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